This Is Me!

So when I started my blog in June 2010, my aim was to use this as the following:

‘A place for me to verbalise the many thoughts that enter my head (believe me there are dozens), carry out conversations with myself regarding people, events and things in general that effect me and generally publicise the randomness that is me.’

A friend of mine who is a bit of a blogging genius is constantly telling me that I need to decide on what I want to write about and stick with it, however if I did that, I wouldn’t be Miss Digressive.

Not only am I digressive in nature, for instance, even on the phone I jump from pillar to post and topic to topic, only very talented people can keep up with me and even if your not talented, you need the attention span of a sparrow (apparently the animal with the longest attention span – Google, 2011) but if I were to stick to just one topic, I’d get bored and you’d hear a lot less of me than you already do!

Over the past year, my life has evolved and I am slowly achieving my self-set goals.

In line with the evolution of my life, my blog has also evolved. Therefore, almost 1 year on (I’m quite amazed at how time has flown), this is still a place for me to verbalise my thoughts, but it has also become a place to express my love of food and fashion, critique places I’ve been to and notify my readers about the places I come across whilst walking around London.

A few things I’ve learnt this year:

  • People change, a person you were once fond of may become your least favourite person, but hey, that’s evolution. Accept it and move on!
  •  I love bubble tea!
  •  When an opportunity is thrown at you, grab it with both hands, ride the wave and wait to see what comes of it.
  •  Hare & Tortoise has competition of the local sort – namely Atari-Ya in Hendon.
  • Korean food is surely addictive.
  •  No guy will ever understand the need to invest almost £2000 in a Chanel Handbag.
  •  Furthermore, no guy will understand the fact that buying Chanel is in fact and investment, in a similar way to stocks and shares!
  • To be continued……..

Miss Digressive xx

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7 thoughts on “This Is Me!

  1. Omgggg…..miss digress I loves your fashion insights I can’t wait to read the next one, you really are a special one


  2. Greetings. We are attempting to link your posts to Urbanspoon, but the Spoonback is not publishing correctly (the blue widget should link to Urbanspoon’s restaurant listing). Can you please try reposting the code and letting me know when you have done so?

  3. I’d forgotten all about this until today when I found your card.. but must say.. I already like it!

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