Review: Bao & Bing

On the rare occasion that Mr R takes a day off to spend with Baby K and I, it’s a chance to celebrate our Family, so how do we celebrate? Well ofcourse we eat!

Having read about Bao & Bing some time ago and never having made it, we decided to cease the opportunity, also the fact that it was the last day of the discounted new menu, we thought that was a reason to celebrate in itself!

As we walked down Paddington Street, I couldn’t help but reminisce the pub and sheesha cafe that used to be on that corner, now replaced by a swanky glass building.

We entered via a step free (hurrah!) entrance and were able to pick a seat in a convenient location so Baby K could remain sleeping in his pram.

Our waitress Mika asked if we’d like any started whilst we were taking a look at the menu, a nice touch but slightly odd as we hadn’t actually looked at the menu yet.

After a quick scan I selected the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken with wasabi mayo and spring onion and the Oven Roasted Sweet Potato with cilantro and tonkotsu Mayo. We also ordered some fresh cold pressed orange juice.

We then proceeded to scan the menu which similar to Ping Ping involved ticking from a list and handing this to the waiter/waitress.

We decided to try a bunch of the Bao buns along with the Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs.

First to arrive we’re the starters:

The Popcorn Chicken with wasabi mayo and spring onions.

With just 4 pieces in a portion, this was small but the pieces were larger than what one would usually associate with popcorn sized. The chicken itself was nothing to shout about, it was the wasabi mayo that bought the extra flavour.

Next to arrive was the sweet potato.

This was a super simple dish but was so so yummy. There’s something about roasted sweet potato, I rekindled my love for it last which whilst making some to wean Baby K with so the addition of the tonkotsu mayo could be easily replaced with teriyaki sauce and regular mayo and would be just as delicious!

The Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs in sesame and spring onion were super tender, just about falling off the bone and the flavours were good but not that dissimilar to that served in many Chinese establishments.

Next up, the Baos – we ordered the prawn, pork belly, 5 spice beef, duck and the chicken…we have photos of the prawn and the 5 spice beef, but then Baby K woke up and needed feeding so you’ll have to believe me when I talk about the others.

On the topic of feeding, when Baby K did wake up, the lovely staff bought us a high chair and moved the table next to us so he could sit with us and eat his lunch whilst we ate ours!

The Panko Shrimp with Cilantro, red onion, chiu chow mayo:

The prawns were lovely and crispy as would be expected and the pickled red onion added a good zing but I feel this could have done with a bit more flavour, the mayo used was slightly flat and perhaps under seasoned.

Next the 5 Spice Beef with Cilantro, wasabi mustard dressing.

The beef was super tender and very well flavoured. This was pretty yummy on the whole, although a little more coriander as we call it in the Uk would have been a welcome addition.

The Pork belly with Mint, red cabbage, char siu sauce was another hit in my book. The pork itself was tender and crispy without being fatty. The red cabbage added texture and provided a nice crunch.

The Crispy Shredded Duck with Cucumber, spring onion, hoisin sauce wasn’t overly crispy and didn’t really leave a lasting memory.

Lastly the Fried Chicken with Mizuna, pickled onion, spicy miso, slightly disappointingly this was cold when it arrived. The chicken tasted a lot like the aforementioned popcorn chicken but slightly harder. The spicy miso was definitely the best part of this Bao.

With a little space left, we (mainly me) scoured the dessert menu and we decided on the “bing cake”, only to be told there was none available. We (again me) decided on the Oreo Wheelcake filled with vanilla custard, covered in chocolate sauce and topped with Oreo cookies.

The cake itself wasn’t soft as I had expected and instead was made of two slightly rubbery pancakes filled with a custard and topped with ice cream. It was slightly underwhelming but not overly sweet.

Overall, with the 50% off food, we walked away having spent just shy of £50 – a worthwhile spend given that we were both full. If we had however paid the full amount, I’m not sure we would have been as satisfied.

The staff were lovely and friendly, giving Baby K a bit of attention whilst he screeched at the top of his tiny lungs!

The Baos were good albeit some a bit samey and whilst we didn’t taste anything from two whole sections on the menu, I’m not certain I’ll be rushing back in a hurry to give them a go.

Baby facts:

Step free ✔️

👶 changing facilities ✖️

Offer to heat 🍼✖️

High Chair available ✔️

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