Review: Kym’s

It was Mr R’s Birthday over the weekend and that can only mean one thing. Over the last 9 years I’ve had to find the best Chinese or Japanese restaurant in London and this year when I started researching, the idea of a “Chinese Sunday Roast” at Kyms sounded like a great plan.

I booked it thinking our good old friend the Thameslink would allow for an easy, step free journey making for Baby K. Fast forward to Sunday and being Easter, the Thameslink was only running to St Pancras so we had to find an alternative route.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by the very friendly manager who was super accommodating of baby K and his needs and shifted us from a table in the restaurant to one tucked away in the bar area so the pram could sit by us.

She then went on to give us some great suggestions, even steered us away from certain dishes because the cut of meat being used wasn’t great, or because there was too much chilli oil for a nursing mama. Baby K certainly took to her and showed this by happily grabbing her finger and steering it towards his mouth!

When we asked who Kym was, she told us that Andrew Wong had named his first restaurant Kym’s after his grandmother, years after opening it he decided to rename it A Wong and decided to stop his grandmother from turning in her grave, he would have to name his second restaurant Kym’s!

For food we went for the Sunday roast and added the French Bean Fritters and the Char Sui Pork.

The first two items to arrive were the Rice Cracker / Seaweed / 1908 Ketchup (ve) & the Pickled Daikon / Crispy Chilli Oil / Soy (ve).

The rice cracker was moreish, speckled with black sesame seeds and topped with sweet and savoury seaweed. The ketchup added the right amount of additional flavour. The pickled daikon (white radish) has a lovely sweet flavour and a slight crunch. Both Mr R and I gobbled these dishes up!

Next to arrive was the Prawn Wonton soup.

The soup 🍜 itself had a lovely balanced flavour and the wontons were delicately flavoured and perfectly fresh!

The French Bean Fritters / Chilli / Spring Onion (ve) were next to arrive.

These were deliciously crispy albeit slightly greasy in places but that certainly didn’t stop is from devouring the full plate!

The Iberico Pork Char Sui / Honey Soy was certainly the show stopper dish of our meal!

It was perfectly soft and succulent, not at all fatty! The flavour was impeccable and it literally melted in your mouth!

The rest of the items from the Sunday Roast menu arrived together. The Cantonese Crispy Pork Belly / Honey Mustard can be spotted in the top corner and the Crispy Duck / Pancakes / Plum in the bottom corner.

Mr R was slightly sceptical about trying the pork belly dipped in the mustard but honestly, it worked a treat! The pork was perfectly soft and super crispy whilst the mustard added an extra layer of deliciousness! The duck when compared to some of the other dishes we’d eaten was fairly average.

The Sichuanese Spiced Aubergine was the last of our mains to arrive with the set menu.

Mr R commented that this was perhaps too saucy, but I pointed out that the other main dishes from the set menu were dry and therefore this provided the sauce. The actual dish was good, not outstanding or showstopping but I’d order it again if I went back.

Last up was the dessert. Pineapple Bun / Custard.

The bun is filled with custard and topped with pineapple with a crispy top. This looked far better than it tasted, despite this I certainly cleared my plate.

On the whole the service was amazing, the staff were super friendly and even gave us some gunpowder tea on the house as we were celebrating a birthday! The Char Sui was delicious and I’d go back for that alone!

Baby facts:

Step free ✔️

👶 changing facilities ✔️

Offer to heat 🍼✔️

High Chair available ✔️

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