Review: Miusan

In December 2016, my sister in law got married. The lead up to the wedding was super busy, so once her and her husband came back from honeymoon, we decided it was about time to actually go out and enjoy ourselves. We booked in a Saturday and then set to picking a location.

Whilst I was determined to get us to go further a field, Mr R got rather excited after reading about a new Pan Asian Restaurant and Bar in Camden so promptly called up to book. He was told the only available time was 7.30 on that particular day. So he booked it.

Fast forward 2 weeks and our Saturday was slightly thrown off when Mr R decided to invite some friends round to watch the football. When he got into bed at 6.30 for a nap, I realised there was no way I’d be able to get him out of the house and to Camden for 7.30 so decided to call the restaurant and push the table back to 8 pm. Surprisingly they quickly agreed to the change.

We arrived at Inverness Street and quickly spotted Miusan (which used to be a Malaysian Restaurant) which was described as a 1940’s drinking den. Upon walking in, I was slightly disappointed to see that despite being pitched in all the pre-opening articles as slightly swanky, it was actually very similar to the restaurant that existed on the site previously.

We were shown to our table, downstairs in the bar area and were very underwhelmed by the pretty basic table and chairs.

We took a look at the menu and started making some decisions on what we’d order but when it came to placing our order, we were told we would have to order our drinks first (which we did) and then had to wait for someone else to come and take out food order.

Our order finally taken, food started to arrive. First up was the Jasmine Rea Smoked Barbecued Pork Ribs.

Although the portion was fairly small, the meat was tender and the flavour was good, so I can’t really fault these. Next up was the Crispy Chicken Wings.

Crispy chicken wings

Honestly, these were ok, they weren’t special or different and definitely not dissimilar to anything you would find in an average Chinese restaurant. The Salt and Chilli Baked Squid appeared next.

Salt & chilli baked squid

Again this was average at best, the strangest part however, was that it was actually slightly greasy, leaving me to wonder if it had actually been baked. I mean I don’t know how they are able to achieve that level of crispiness through baking it – obviously leave me a comment if you think I’m wrong!

Next up was the Oat Battered Spiced Chicken pieces with toasted garlic.

Oat battered spiced chicken pieces with toasted garlic

This dish honestly left me confused but wanting more. Of all the dishes we ordered, this was the dish that left a lasting taste, not least because it tasted like the chicken had been coated in a mix of Pret’s sweet and salted popcorn. I’m not entirely sure how they managed to achieve this but it definitely worked.

We also ordered the Scallops In Soy Ginger and Honey Dressing, which credit where credit due were actually cooked to perfection, well seasoned and overall very good.

Scallops in soy ginger and honey dressing

Once we finished starters, we started thinking about mains. Half way through this something rather odd happened. The waiter came over and advised us that the area where our table was becomes the “night club” and therefore would we mind if they moved us to the “VIP” booth at the back of the “night club” to finish our meal. They assured us that after we finished our meal we were free to keep the table. We obviously agreed to move.

However, this was also when, because of the pretty crap lighting (our table was lit by one single spotlight) and loud music, the quality of the photographs because really bad, to the extent that I am not able to use any except for the one below.

For our mains, we ordered the Mongolian King Prawns, the Egg Fried Rice, the Aubergine Sambal and the Pork in Black Pepper Sauce.

Mongolian King Prawns

In reverse order, the Pork in Black Pepper Sauce was terribly underwhelming, slightly fatty and not very exciting at all.

The Aubergine Sambal was slightly greasy but the flavour was ok and the Mongolian King Prawns were deep fried and tossed in sauce, so had some flavour but nothing out of the ordinary.

As we finished our mains and our dishes were cleared away, we were brought the dessert menu. We went with the Sweet Potato & Chocolate Cake warm chocolate sauce, lychee agar agar and the Tapioca Pearl Taro Pudding caramel palm sugar, coconut milk.

The Sweet Potato & Chocolate Cake, although sounding rather exotic tasted like a chocolate fondant whilst the Tapioca Pearl Taro Pudding was slightly moreish, with the mix of the coconut milk and the little bubbles of tapioca goodness, this got the thumbs up from me.

Final Thoughts…

Honestly, as if it wasn’t blatant enough, I felt completely underwhelmed by Miusan, from the decor to the food to the service. On top of this, it really wasn’t very good value for money and felt like we’d basically over paid for sub standard food.

As always, it could be that we ordered the wrong dishes, but the waiters were unable to offer us any constructive advice but again this could be because it was still newly opened. That said, I shan’t be returning.

Given that on the whole, the place is so completely the opposite to what it had been described as in all the pre-opening press, I shan’t be returning.

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