Review: Bird Camden

A few weekends ago we had a house party in Chalk Farm, so before heading over we decided it would make sense to go for dinner in Camden, somewhere I don’t frequent much but always remembered having lots of restaurants.

As we walked down from Chalk Farm station we quickly noticed an abundance of “American” style restaurants, none of which particularly appealed to me given if had a burger for lunch that day. Miss R on the other hand was less fussy and followed me up and down the street at least twice before we (I) decided that the only place appropriate for our Birds Dinner was “Bird”….we then had to find it..

When we finally did we were confronted by splashes of orange against bare bricks and wooden tables.

We were shown to our bench and left with a menu. As you may or may not expect the menu was a full on chicken-fest consisting of everything from burgers, to wings, to fried chicken to a take on a Chinese duck & pancake combo. The restaurant also had a specialist doughnut menu (see photo above).

We ordered out drinks & food and it arrived relatively quickly.

First up was the Wings with Korean Gochujang glaze.

First off I was slightly disappointed to see a mix of baby drumsticks & wings rather than just wings but aside from that these were good. Not dissimilar to my home-made Korean chicken but good none the less.

Alongside the Korean wings we also ordered the Buffalo wings. In my opinion these lacked the tang that one would usually associate with buffalo wings so a bit of a shame.

Whilst eating my wings I was pleasantly surprised to see that the restaurant provide an unlimited supply of KFC style individually wrapped hand wipes. These were a godsend and I must have gone through at least 5 or 6.

Miss R couldn’t help but order the obligatory burger and opted for the West Coast burger (Crispy fried breast, fresh guacamole, shredded lettuce, tomato, house kewpie mayo & pickled jalapenos). 

Despite the fact that the burger was made from breast meat, it wasn’t at all tough and in fact quite soft. She was particularly verbal about the guacamole which was perfectly seasoned and really added to the burger.

Last up was the Mu Shu Crispy Fried Chicken (Chopped fried thighs, thin Chinese pancakes, cucumbers, scallions & Tonkatsu sauce).

This was basically a slightly drier version of a Chinese crispy aromatic duck roll. There were a few issues with this:

  1. The chicken was rather dry
  2. The Pancakes were not in a bamboo basket and therefore were quite hard by the time they arrived
  3. The sauce was slightly too runny

As you can possibly tell, I wasn’t overly impressed and wouldn’t really order this again unless some changes were made.

Having had a late lunch, we were stuffed birds and decided against ordering one of the aforementioned doughnuts.

If chicken is the only meat you eat, Bird is definitely somewhere to try. Its not hugely expensive and not overly exciting but good for a quick lunch with friends. Not sure if I’ll be flying back in a hurry though!

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