Review: Pecking Order

The other day, we had dinner organised with our little cousin. Given that she lives locally, we decided it would be nice to stay close by. On our way to collect her we spotted a new addition on Stanmore Broadway. Ever the multi tasker, I drove whilst my sister had a quick look at the website and menu. Approving of both we proceeded to collect Miss N and headed over.

Turns out the trendy little place has been open for the best part of 3 months and serves everything from rotisserie chicken and burgers to Mac and cheese and cocktails.

We entered Pecking Order and were greeted by a friendly waiter who showed us to our table, luckily even though we hadn’t booked, they luckily had one last table available for us on a this rather busy Thursday Night.  We took our seats and started to look at the menu. The drinks menu consisted of everything you would usually expect, including milkshakes.

As is usual when hungry and ordering food, we obviously over ordered. Unfortunately for us, food took slightly longer than you would expect, however given that the restaurant is still fairly new, I would imagine this is due to inexperience rather than the lack of efficiency.

First to arrive were the soft Mexican mushroom tacos. These appeared on the “Quick Fixes” section of the menu.These were good but in reality nothing special. They were predominantly mushrooms with lettuce and tomato, topped with an onion ring. With a little work these could be fantastic, but sadly for now they were simply good.

Next to arrive were the Man ‘n’ Cheese Truffle Bites. Again these were slightly disappointing. They were simply pasta and cheese, dipped in breadcrumbs and deep fried. The most disappointing bit about these was the lack of truffle! By way  of mains, I decided to give the rotisserie chicken a go. I was slightly sceptical based on previous experience and thought the chicken might be slightly dry. How wrong I was! I decided to have the chicken with the “house gremolata” which was a mix of truffle, herb, garlic, parmesan and lemon zest. This mix added a kick of flavour and definitely made the dish more enjoyable. My only reservation was that I could have done with more of the gremolata!

The sister went for the grilled char-grilled chicken which was served with avocado salsa, crispy shallots, garlic and herb aioli. Unfortunately the sister wasn’t too impressed with this. The chicken was slightly dry whilst the whole burger was quite heavy and lacked flavour.

The star of the show was most definitely the sweet potato fries. These were crispy and perfectly sweet and salty. Somehow I’ve managed to loose the image I had of Miss N’s burger. Whilst she set out to have the Black Turtle Bean burger, this was unfortunately sold out. So instead she settled for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese burger which was very much like the Mac ‘n’ Cheese bites but simply larger and in a bun.

On the whole my experience of the rotisserie chicken and chips was enough for me to say that I would return.

Also the fact that someone has used their initiative and opened such a restaurant in Stanmore (albeit the concept is very similar to Chuck in Hatch End) is definitely commendable.

I would however suggest holding off a little longer in the hope that the food and the service will improve with a little time.

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