Review: Leongs Legend

Since we got married three months ago, I appear to have had no time to blog. Pretty sad as I’d just gotten into a regular blogging routine so hopefully this will be the start of the new me!

The reality is before you get married your busy, but after you get married your even more busy. Thus it’s even more important to find some “us” time. Something we finally managed to do, albeit slightly impromptu.

Having finished work on a delightful summers day, the hubster and I wondered from office, down Shaftesbury avenue towards soho.

Whilst he was after a fried noodle, I was keen to try something different. But after walking around for a bit and discovering the stunning Hamyard Hotel (and making a mental note to come back for some Saturday drinking), I gave in and we pottered over to Gerrard St.

Determined not to go for a bog standard Chinese (although the is exactly what hubster would have been happy with), I pointed us in the direction of the strange little restaurant with the “knock to enter” sign on the door.

After a quick look at the menu, we knocked on the door and confirmed that they were still serving the speciality Shanghai Soup dumpling, we went in.

The decor inside Leongs Legend is, well, different:

Leon's Legend dining room

We sat down at our wood table by the window and scanned the menu. The Leong’s Xiao Long Bao was a definite but other than that, I left t to him to figure out.

The first dish to arrive was the sticky rice with shredded pork and special sauce. 

For those who enjoy lotus leaf rice, this isn’t that dissimilar, except the rice was slightly more glutinous. The sauce wasn’t particularly spicy but overall dish was very good and hit the carb loving spot.

Next to arrive were our first batch of 8 dumplings.

IMG_0188We opted for the pork and prawn and found that the pastry on the top half was very slightly too thick. But in reality, we have had some pretty bad versions of this and they are a rather specialist dish so the fact that the dumpling still have soup in it made it pretty damn good.

On a mission not to overdo it and save some space for gelato, our next dish of garlic shoots in garlic sauce arrived.


These were ever so slightly greasy but still had a bit of a bite to them.

Having devoured our first lot of dumplings and half of the portion of greens, we decided to order a second batch of dumplings, this time the Supreme crabmeat Xiao Long Bao containing crab, pork & prawn to seal the deal. These arrived fairly quickly and I must admit were slightly better made than the first batch.

As our bill arrived, we were told that there was a cash discount so obviously took advantage of this by paying cash. Whilst I admit we didn’t overdo it, it still worked out to be a filling and very reasonable meal in a genuinely original restaurant so we will most definitely be returning!

Obviously having saved space for gelato, we had to satisfy this craving too so we headed over to Old Compton Street for “London’s best gelato” at Amorino. 

Aside from being presented as a very pretty flower, we weren’t let down. The gelato was creamy & utterly delicious – almost as good as the stuff I had in Rome! We will be going back!

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