Review: JINJUU

As you may have gathered already, this wedding is taking over my life. With less than a month ready to go, I leave the country on Saturday (so may have to take a break from blogging).

Despite the fiancé urging me to cut down on social engagements, I figured where the social engagement is mixed with delivering a card (or 3) and catching up with a friend, its fine.

So early last week I did exactly that. Mrs P and I met up at Oxford Circus and had decided to go for a wonder to find somewhere to eat.

Given that I’m a foodie and a blogger you’d think I’d be super decisive about these things – wrong! Having spent some of the previous night on Zomato looking at restaurants, I made my way through trending restos & new restos before going through the restos in Soho. By the end of this I still hasn’t made a decision.

Lucky for me Mrs P isn’t a fussy eater (despite being veggie) and so when we can access JinJuu on Kingly Street, we made a quick decision to go in and give it a go.

Because we hadn’t booked a table, we were told the only table they had available had a turn around of 1 hour and 20 mins. So we took our seats and started going through the menu.

The menu was made up of bar snacks (one menu) and restaurant food (second menu). It had everything from the Korean rice in a stone bowl, to grilled meats.

It appeared that the food on the bar snacks menu was actually a little more interesting, although there was a fair bit of duplication.

Both being on health kicks in an attempt to lose a little before the dreaded pool party attire comes out we both plugged for herbal teas.

Mrs P went for the Aloe Vera whilst I went for a berry and honey tea.


Whilst I didn’t taste he Aloe Vera, Mrs P said it tasted slightly odd and a little thick in texture. I obviously thought she’d lost the plot until I went to taste mine and Realised she was completely right.

First to arrive of the food was the “Kong Bowl” – edamame beans topped with Jinjuu Chilli Panko Mix.


This gave a good texture but was slightly lacking in flavour.

Next to arrive were my tacos.

Whilst I thought these would be more like a crispy taquito you’d find in a Peruvian restaurant it was actually a portion of two filled taco wraps.


Having gone for the Bulgogi beef, I was thrown by how un-korean like this was. Topped with a slice of avocado, a few jalapeño peppers, some sour cream and I’m sure I could taste a little cheese, I was completely confused. Was I in a Korean or a Mexican restaurant?

Aside from the confusion, the beef was cooked well and the flavours just about worked for me.

Whilst I was digging into the tacos, Mrs P was indulging in a very healthy JinJuu salad. Whilst she’d ordered this with tofu, there was none in sight.


Pretty much a bunch of veggies with a side serving of a gingery dressing. Again I felt the dressing lacked some lid of depth in flavour. The flavours were very surface level and left nothing urging you to go back for more.

We went on to give the dumplings a go.

Served as a portion of 3 on spoons, these were good. However because of my taco affair, by the time I went to try these they were warm rather than piping hot. This is likely to be due to the lack of a steamer to keep it warm.


A good-sized dumpling served with a gingery, vinegar dipping sauce. The flavours were good and I liked the presentation. (Excuse the fact that the above photo only shows a portion of 2).

Given that we were both comfortable with a little space, we decided to take a look at the dessert menu (always dangerous).

We picked out what seemed like a decomposed snickers bar. Mad up of a chewy, salted caramel filled doughnut with bitter-sweet chocolate ganache  silky peanut butter ice cream. When eaten together, this really did taste like snickers and by golly was it good.


Despite the fact that I’m not a major peanut fan, the mix of chocolate, caramel, peanuts and ice cream was amazing.

Whilst I’m obviously slightly confused about in my opinion, I think this is somewhere to come with a large group so you can try lots on the menu. Having had a second look at the menu from the comfort of my laptop screen, I can identify a bunch of food I would most definitely want to try but perhaps my visit was too early in the week and too close to the wedding to eat to my heart’s content so the selective ordering did it little justice!

Jinjuu – I’ll be back!

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