Review: Bath: Crystal Palace

Last weekend I was in Bath for my hen. Despite my Fiance wanting to know all the details, that is all I’m going to tell you.

Whilst I will give you no details about what we did in Bath, I can tell you about a little pub we went to for Sunday Lunch. My sister and a friend had booked a bunch of places so we had some kind of idea and the Crystal Palace was the place chosen for lunch.

Overshadowed by a ginormous and very beautiful tree (yes I did just refer to a tree as beautiful), the yellow double fronted building was exactly what you’d expect of a quaint pub in a quaint town. I’m guessing if we headed further out we’d find even more beautiful pubs, but for Central Bath this certainly ticked the boxes.

Outdoor Shot

We arrived and were quickly seated for our rather early lunch. Having craved Sunday roast, I was slightly disappointed that the only options on offer were beef and pork, neither of which were tickling my fancy.

We started our meal with Bloody Marys which were slightly under spiced. However with my cocktail waitress hat on, I quickly rectified the situation and was soon gulping down sipping on a yummy drink.

It took slightly longer than I would have expected for the waitress to take our order, but given the options on the menu, this was probably a good thing. By the time our orders were taken I’d just about made a decision, despite which I still ummed and ahhed as the others ordered.

The table consisted of four main choices – I guess I wasn’t the only slightly indecisive one.

I chose the “Pan fried seabass, new potatoes, peas, bacon & garlic aioli”.


Being described as “Pan Fried” I expected this to be slightly healthy, however it was in fact very lightly battered which meant it was very slightly greasy. This wasn’t helped by the oil from the bacon which made the potatoes a little too oily. Oil aside, the dish was perfectly seasoned, the flavours balanced & a really good size.

Three of my fellow diners chose the “Honeydew battered cod & chips, tartare sauce, peas & lemon”.


Served on a plate wrapped in a piece of newspaper, the swoons I could hear would suggest that this was well received. (I just noticed the fish isn’t actually visible in the photo above!

Two others chose the “Chalcroft Farm beef burge, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, gherkin & chips”.


This was well cooked & again a pretty healthy portion. The burger came with a portion of chips which I was told were delicious.

Last up was the “Owtons Toulouse sausage casserole, sweet potato, thyme & butter beans”.


Whilst this was my first choice, I decided after a weekend of indulgence, I’d take a break from the junk food. Turns out I missed out & this too was really good.

Having eaten our weight in food over the weekend (god knows when this wedding diet will start), we all decided against dessert.

Overall the setting was pretty & was conveniently located for the station, the food was good but the bloody mary let it down slightly. However if you’re in central Bath & you’re in need of some good grub, check out the Crystal Palace!

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