Review: Dirty Bones

On Saturday we had family in town. The fiancée & I planned a fun filled afternoon which started at Hakkasan Mayfair, moved onto Mr Foggs, pit stopped at Radio Bar & ended at Dirty Bones.

Having spent most of the day eating & drinking, by the time it hit 7.30, we were sat up at the top of the Me by Melia hotel under blankets & none of us were ready to leave. I called up Dirty Bones to push back our table which they did with little argument.

When we finally rocked up at 8.30, the bar was busy and the restaurant was almost full. You enter through the doorway and down some stairs straight into the bar that resembles something out of “That 70’s Show”. Going through a doorway takes you into the Restaurant which is a mix of booths & tables with a real retro feel.


There was no one at the reservations desk to seat us so we hovered around the doorway until we managed to get someone’s attention and were shown to our table.

Because we were an hour late, we had already eaten into an hour of our two hour turnaround. So we sat down, made hasty decisions on food & placed our orders. The menu is made up of starters, dogs, bones, burgers, sides & desserts with options to satisfy most (even the humble vegetarian).

First to arrive were the Hot Dogs. With options including Yankee, Brit & Mexican, I went with the Asian Option – a classic dog with kimchi purée, wasabi mayonnaise, crispy seaweed & sesame seed.


This was a really good take on a classic. The flavours all gelled well together but I must admit, it was a little messy to eat and I was very concerned that I’d end up with kimchi purée down my jumper (thankfully this didn’t happen!).

After much umming and ahhing, the Fiancé went for the Spicy Chicken Burger which was served with charred lettuce & dirty bones smoked chilli mayo.


I have to say, I did agree with Mr Fiancé Dude when he said the chicken was cooked well. The coating was crispy whilst the chicken was tender & juicy. Mr Dude did say that whilst the chicken was really good, the burger itself was definitely lacking & could have done with a gherkin or maybe some tomato’s. I think there’s a really thin line between a chicken burger & chicken and lettuce in a bun and sadly this felt a little more like the second option.

We also decided to try a few of the sides. The triple cooked dirty fries with chilli cheese sauce, db bbq sauce & cactus salsa were really good. However the fact that they were triple cooked meant I couldn’t possibly devour more than a handful without feeling like I was undoing all the good I’d been doing.


We also gave the Mac & Cheese a shot (I felt this was a waste of calories altogether and was quite heavy) & the Collard Greens with caramelised onions, tabasco sauce & confit garlic which had a really great flavour and were buttery without being greasy.

Having spent the day eating, we decided against dessert.20150124_220536

On the whole the Dirty Bones vibe is great, by around 9ish, the music kicked into gear, playing a mix of 80s and 90s classics. This place would be awesome for a pre club dinner & drinks. The food was definitely good & I think with a few tweaks it could be even better – perhaps adding a veggie burger or adding a bit more to the chicken burger  – definitely something to think about! All said & done, I’ll definitely be back!

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