Secret Review: Candella Tea Room

If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell a sou Like really truely promise??? goes.. I found a little place that serves the best scones, as many different types of teas as you can think of, has a real fire and feels just like your in someone’s living room. OK that’s all I’m telling you..thanks for reading xx


OK OK OK..sorry I couldn’t help myself! Where is this little place I hear you cry? Let me take you back a month or so, I finished my first Marketing exam and wasnt meeting the Mr until 7ish. So with a few hours to spare I jumped off the train at High St Ken and wondered down Kensington High St. My only requirement was someone that served scones, tea and had free WiFi. After locating Candella of Facebook  I quickly called up to check if it met my needs.

Having ticked all the boxes, I hot footed my way over. As you may have noticed I’ve mentioned the word “little” a few times already and by golly was this place small. The size of a shoe box (OK I exaggerate) with only effectively 4 tables (that could be separated to create more space) the place definitely packed a punch. From the ornately painted ceiling:

2015/01/img_0036.jpg To the table full of teas: 2015/01/img_0029.jpg I quickly took my seat by the window and ordered my cream tea. Within no time my order arrived and just as I’d imagined, the scones were warm, soft and fluffy and the tea was brewed to perfection. 2015/01/img_0033.jpg Served with perfect vintage bone china tea cups, my tea came in its own pot and burner to ensure it remained warm throughout my stay. 2015/01/img_0035-0.jpg My favourite bit about Candella was how only the select few knew about it – mostly regulars; and how quiet it was. Sat in the corner tapping away on my laptop, the room was full but I could actually hear myself think! Something that isn’t always easy in such a small place.

And so, there it is..the best kept secret in High St I’ve shared my secret with you..please don’t tell anyone… didn’t hear it from me!

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