Review: Mumbai: Eat Thai

During my recent trip to Mumbai, I was lucky enough to get invited to a tasting at new Thai Restaurant Eat Thai. Thus after a full day of shopping, we headed over to Eat Thai on Pali Hill to devour a trunk load of food.


The restaurant itself is New York hip with stripped back brick walls and exposed pipework ceiling. There’s even a hole in the wall so diners are able to keep an eye on the kitchen staff! We took our seats and admired the funky light fitting before being given our personalised menus.

Personalised Menu

Despite being a tasting session, the choices were vast and consisted of everything from soups and salads to stir fries and noodles. I was excited to see that my request of the Smoked Coconut Baked Cheesecake was satisfied – but more about that later!

At this point let me apologise for the lack of images as those who have been to India will appreciate that when food arrives at a table, it arrives with a server who immediately begins dishing out the food! Thus unless prior warned, its fairly difficult to take photos!

We started with the Soup – I went with the prawn version & it was delicious, having added a little lime the flavours were even more intense! Definitely couldn’t fault the size of the portion either.


Next up were the salads. We tried both the papaya salad & the chicken salad. Whilst I’ve tried Som Tom numerous times, the flavours were both familiar and authentic.


The Larb Kal was more unfamiliar to me, however the flavours worked well and for the Indian palette, it had the right amount of spice!


Again we were lucky enough to try each of the starters. Both variety of dim sum were very good, however the veg variety seemed to seal the deal for me, it was perfectly cooked with a soft inner. FYI there were four in a portion, note I had to ask the server to put it down so I could take a photo before he served up the rest! Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky with the chicken version hence no photos!


The crispy fried vegetables unfortunately had the same fate by way of photos,  however these too were good.

The marinated fish fillet was one of my favourite starters on the menu. I managed to get the server to put the dish down after he’d served a piece to me. The fish by itself was slightly spicy but well cooked, however once you add the sauce that’s served along side it, the flavours spring into action. Perfectly balanced and truly delicious!


By the time we made it to mains, all four of us were verging on food coma’s – always a good sign – so we limited the orders slightly! Next up was the Pad Thai and Sriracha vegetables.


Whilst the Pad Thai was slightly too sweet, the flavours were still great and the noodles were cooked to perfection. The Sriracha vegetables were however fantastic. The garlicky flavour was perfectly balanced by a slight tang of chilli. Definitely well executed.

The Barbeque Kai Ban was probably my least favourite dish on the menu, I think this was more down to personal taste than the dish itself. The chicken itself was soft and well cooked & also well presented.


Having eaten our way through the menu, we finally arrived at the much anticipated dessert. Out came my portion of the Kanom Cake Mapraw…


This most definitely met every single expectation I had. The smoked coconut flavour was subtle whilst the chocolate balanced the flavours perfectly. If your visiting Eat Thai, I urge you – LEAVE SPACE FOR THIS!

And just like that, it was over!

Eat Thai opened this TODAY!!! If your in the area, definitely pop by, I promise, you will not be disappointed!

8/9, Gasper Enclave,
Junction Of St John’s & Pali Road,
Pali Naka,
Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

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