Review: Boopshi’s – Schnitzel & Spritz

Twas a cold Saturday night in London Town, in the midst of winter – ok I’m lying, it was a unseasonably warm Saturday night in London Town when a friend & I decided to meet up for Dinner. Having discussed the prospects, she decided on Boopshi’s and then proceeded to select our food, via email, days before our dinner. The email I received was the following:


When Saturday Finally arrived, I did not spend my day thinking about food & didn’t even look at the menu before leaving the house!

We met up at Goodge Street Station and walked down a quiet road which led us to our restaurant of choice. Located on the corner of Whitfield Street & Windmill Street, the restaurant has large windows, benches and high tables. There’s even a bar & a downstairs to the seemingly tiny restaurant.

We were quickly seated at the restaurant that for 8pm on a Saturday seemed fairly empty, however I was quickly reassured as the restaurant quickly filled up and by 9pm, there wasn’t an empty table in site.

We picked our drinks & then shifted on to thinking about food. When we spoke to our uber friendly waitress, she assured us that:

1) She’s not a small eater & most definitely enjoys her food

2) The Schnitzel is quite filling

Turns out Despite Miss M’s list of food, apparently, there was space for negotiation.

Thank god for her honest feedback, if we’d gone ahead with the original order plan, half would have gone to waste!

We started by ordering the Whole Globe Artichoke:

Whole Globe Artichoke
Whole Globe Artichoke

Being a fan of Artichoke, I was slightly taken aback by the size of the artichoke. The dish arrived with a side plate which was placed on our table with the comment “for the leaves”. We were given no instructions or advice. Luckily Miss M used her better judgement and stated that she though we basically had to bite/suck the goodness out of the leaf. There was indeed a thin layer of flesh attached to the leaf which was subtle but yummy.

We continued in this fashion until we got to the inner most section. It was at this point that we found some feathery looking (and tasting) bits, which we swiftly removed and ended up at the heart. Despite first appearance, this was extremely filling, I’m sure it was more so because of the effort in the eating. Lucky for us, our method of eating was justified when the waitress came to collect the remains and commented that she was glad someone knew what they were doing, apparently most others simply waste the leaves and head straight for the heart – could this relate to us? More Head than Heart people!? who knows!!

Next up was the Schnitzel. Miss M went for the Pork, with duck egg & capers:

Pork Schnitzel with Duck Egg & Capers
Pork Schnitzel with Duck Egg & Capers

Whilst I went for the Chicken with gravy:

Chicken Schnitzel
Chicken Schnitzel

Given that the plate was the size of a normal dinner plate, and the schnitzel is hanging off the edges, it is clear to see just how large these were. To say we were shocked, is an understatement. It was a bit of a task making it half way through this and neither of us managed to finish what was on our plate. Miss M quite enjoyed her pork schnitzel but had definitely had eyes bigger than her stomach when she’d decided on the duck egg.

My chicken version was very slightly dry, which i’d anticipated and had therefore ordered gravy. However the gravy sadly lacked flavour and was far too thin in consistency to provide any real addition to the schnitzel.

Whilst Miss M was full on artichoke, my excuse for not finishing my schnitzel was the following:

Spatzle 'n' Cheese
Spatzle ‘n’ Cheese

Having questioned what on earth Spatzle was, it was described as lighter version of mac & cheese containing spatzle – a dumpling made from flour & water. My god she was right – Light, soft & cheesy goodness! Even as I reached tipping point, I couldn’t stop myself picking at this stuff.

Because all of that wasn’t enough, we also ordered the house salad which was nothing special, other than the yellow beetroot which saved the salad from being a failure!

Having wasted most of the salad, eaten 2/3rds of our schnitzel & 3/4’s of the Spatzle ‘n’ Cheese, we didn’t really feel worthy of a dessert and wouldn’t have had space for one anyway. So we paid the bill and left with heavier eyes than we entered with!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Boopshi’s – Schnitzel & Spritz

  1. You haven’t concluded as to whether you liked it… Do we have to go back hungrier and try the sausages to decide?

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