Review: Kua ‘Aina

Happy New Year!

Yes I know we are over a week in but I’ve been bogged down with the flu and am pleased to announce that this was my first eating out experience of the year! I’m glad that I can share it with you as my first post of 2013!

I’ve had this place mentioned to me on two separate occasions. Once by a friend who’d read about it and wanted to go and then again by a friend who was passing by and was starving, so stumbled in.

I’d arranged to meet a friend for a last ditch attempt to save Christmas by watching Scrooge (it was amazing by the way!) and we needed somewhere quick to eat before the show started. I arrived first and pandered around outside for a bit whilst looking at the menu. I finally bit the bullet and entered.

Sat at the back of the small restaurant, they’ve very cleverly put up wooden dividers to block out the street. Thus when your sat, with the Hawaiian beats playing and you look up, bar the British accents and sniffles, you could actually believe you were in Hawaii.

Beach Shack
Beach Shack

I scanned the menu and was actually quite intrigued by the various options including Mahi Mahi Fillet sandwich, rosemary chicken breast and halloumi sandwich and not to mention the fluffy american pancakes!

For those on a health kick (or at least sticking to their New Years Resolution), you can order most of the options as a salad with either Balsamic, Italian Vinaigrette or Wafu (Sesame + Ginger) dressing.

We started by ordering the Sweet Potato Chips and Coleslaw.

The I ordered the Hamburger with Grilled Pineapple + my friend ordered the avocado hamburger salad with a side of halloumi and Sesame + Ginger Dressing.

The sweet potato chips and coleslaw arrived first. The Chips were absolutely delicious. They were crispy and thin and the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. Even my friend who has a real hate for sweet savoury food quite enjoyed them.

Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet Potato Chips

I chickened out of trying the coleslaw after my friend said it wasn’t so nice. Bit of a let down but I’ll blame the flu for screwing with my taste buds!

The mains arrived shortly after. My burger was served as an open sandwich. Once I put it together, I struggled to get it in my mouth. A few bites later I finally made it into the actual meat and whilst it was really juicy and well cooked, it lacked overall seasoning. Our table lacked basic seasoning and unlike other tables, we weren’t given sauces either. My friend even had to ask for cutlery and when it  arrive they only gave us 1 set rather than 2.

Hamburger with Grilled Pineapple
Hamburger with Grilled Pineapple

The pineapple made for a nice addition, but then again as a kid I never had an issue with a ham and pineapple pizza either. Not too sure what the deal was with the carrot though, see picture above!

My friend’s first comment was that the meat was really juicy. But later we settled on the fact that his dish was basically just a salad and not really the best dinner choice.

Avacado Hamburger Salad
Avacado Hamburger Salad

On the whole, I’d go back to Kua ‘Aina for the chips but only as a lunch stop by. I’d steer clear of it as a dinner venue but in our case we chose it because it met our requirements of a quick meal. Despite the service being a bit slow the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was a bit beach shack like and the fact that they’ve managed to achieve this in the middle of central London has got to be credited.

Anyone else visited this one? Did I get it wrong? Should I have tried the Mahi Mahi fish instead? Let me know!

Miss Digressive xxx

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