Review: The Real Greek

On Saturday I met up with some friends for a touch of lunch. Ok, ok, were far too organised to randomly decide to do lunch on a Saturday so it was in fact decided slightly in advance, but we hadn’t decided on the exact location and were still toying with the idea of heading to somewhere new such as Radlett or Chiswick.

However we are creatures of habit and ended up on Baker St. I insisted on walking towards the ‘unknown quarters’ of Marylebone high street and settled on The Real Greek given that the hunger pangs wouldn’t allow us to go any further.

Although I’ve passed branches of The Real Greek numerous times, I can’t say I remember actually giving it a go, so was fairly happy to do so on the recommendation of one of the girls I was with.

The Real Greek Marylebone

We entered and were seated pretty much straight away, not particularly surprising given that the restaurant was fairly empty. I was pleasantly surprised by the general atmosphere inside with a mix of high and low seating.

We quickly decided on food, not surprising given the amount of hunger around the table and eventually managed to get the waiters attention to order. I must mention that whilst we attempted to get the waiters attention, we noticed that there was a calorie count next to every item on the menu so a guilt free experience this was not, but for those who are calorie counting, a wonderful tool I bet!

The food arrived fairly quickly and we were quite excited by the fact that they arrived on a ‘high tea’ style stacker. We ordered:

The Greek Stack

Greek Flatbread with Olive Oil & Dukkah

Apparently the aim was to dip the flatbread into the olive oil and then into the Dukkah (a mix of dry roasted nuts and seeds), had we actually used it for this purpose, I may have had more of an opinion, but unfortunately both the olive oil and Dukkah was pretty much wasted on us, for our flatbread was used for the next two items.


To be honest, the Hummus was nothing special, it could quite easily have been Tesco’s finest for it was pretty standard in terms of taste if not a little bit grainy.


I think this was the dish we most enjoyed. For those who don’t like their savoury food being slightly sweet, this may not be a good choice. Whilst the colour was a little off-putting, the flavour was great, would definitely go back for more!



I was a bit of a Tzatziki virgin, but I think this may be more to do with the fact that my mother has an allergy to cucumbers so we tend to steer away from anything containing the green vegetable. However again I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh and creaminess of this and again would go back for more.


This again was slightly on the sweet side, but I have no problem with that. The rice was cooked well (unlike M&S who sometimes under cook the rice in their Dolmades) and there was a good amount of pine nuts which is always a good sign. Thumbs up from me.

Tabouleh Salad

This was a little bit bland and not particularly special.

Hummus & Tzatziki

Halloumi & Vegetable Skewer

The serving consisted of two skewers each with 2 pieces of halloumi and some vegetables. The pieces of halloumi were a little bit large, but were cooked as well as halloumi can be cooked.

Lamb Kefte

For those who don’t like pink meat, I’d ask for this well done. The flavours were good and the portion size was fairly chunky, I was a happy camper.

On the whole, the food was good, I’m partial the occasional Turkish meal so this was a slightly different take on what is pretty similar food. I have to say, this is definitely somewhere I’d need to revisit for a dinner and try more of the menu to give a definitive opinion, so watch this space!!

Miss Digressive 

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