Review: Kaffiene

Some time ago I had blogged about coffee houses in London and Kaffeine was one of those that I’d randomly come across whilst walking aimlessly.

Last week after getting my nails painted (yes I do work) I finally got a chance to give it a try and as I wasn’t in the mood for a coffee, I gave the hot chocolate a shot. Presented to me in a black and white cup and saucer the milk had been spread to create a pretty pattern – very fancy indeed – or maybe I need to try somewhere other than starbucks more often.

Kaffiene Hot Chocolate

The set up is “shabby chic” with exposed wooden floor boards, a bare brick wall and the rest mainly white. The seating is all decked wood (with no cushions) but I was excited by the wooden ledge on, what would be the bar like seating, for one to rest their feet rather than leaving them hanging. Excellent for fellow shorties!

The music too was funky and reminded me of something you might hear in a New York coffee house.

Although these guys are big on coffee, I liked the fact that there are alternative options on offer too. Its a relaxed friendly atmosphere with a slight clinical but not feel.

The hot chocolate was creamy and smooth and naturally sweet, so I couldn’t really complain, plus it was served with a glass of water which is a nice gesture.

Overall this unfussy atmosphere is a great place to meet friends or simply hang out on a Saturday, although the rough seating makes it more formal than slouchy. Whilst I can never find the time to hang, having sat in Kaffeine for 30 mins, I feel like I want to be that person that hangs around!

That’s all for now folks!

Miss Digressive xxx

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