Review: Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen, Somerset House

First off, I must apologise, seems 2012 has been a pretty slow start for me and my blogging. Not wanting to adopt too much of a blame culture, it has been particularly busy recently and the fact that I have been trying to cut down on the eating out means rather than trying new places, I’m tending to simply satisfy whatever craving I may be having at the time.

Saying that, I did finally manage to venture into town on a weekend for a pre planned brunch date. Whilst I was almost an hour late due to crappy London Transport and the weekend closures, I did eventually show up at Somerset House, just in time for a rather dead and atmosphere-less brunch. However the fact that it was Somerset House made up for it just a little. Although I’m not sure my fellow diners would quite agree.

So we arrive at Somerset House and are greeted by the Ice Rink. Walking past the rink, we noticed signs pointing in no particular direction for Tom’s Kitchen. We finally found the place and found our fellow diners too!

Straight off the service was a little sloppy, we were given hardly any time before we were asked if we wished to order, we asked the lady to come back in 5 minutes and she didn’t show for much longer. In fact not until we signalled at her.

We placed our order and waited for them to arrive.

The Mains all came around the same time:

Caesar Salad with Chicken – £16.50

Ceasar Salad

Ordered by health freak Miss N, I don’t particularly think there is any way to ‘sex up’ a Caesar Salad. It is what it is. The flavours were good, the chicken was nicely char grilled and the dressing wasn’t too fishy. Thumbs up in my book. My fellow diners also agreed!

Endive Salad – Walnut, blue cheese and pancetta – £9.50

Endive Salad

I ordered this, it sounded healthy, the mix of the flavours sounded interesting and if there had been enough of the toppings, it would have been a yummy salad. However there were more leaves than there were of the rest. The choice of leaves had a slightly bitter taste and overall, it wasn’t so exciting.

Eggs Florentine – £9.50

Ordered by Mrs D, the portion size was good. However Mrs D devoured her first helping in which the poached egg failed to have a runny yolk. She ever so kindly donated the second to Miss N and myself. and luckily we were blessed with the runny yolk. The muffin was yummy, the eggs were quite obviously organic (not that I’d expect much less) and there was a decent helping of spinach.

Eggs Florentine

Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce – £17.00

Ordered by the pregnant Mrs M, her first comment was that there was far more batter than there was fish. Mrs D added that you could really taste the beer in the batter. I agreed with both of these comments and can’t really add much more.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce


Bloody Mary – £9.50

My Bloody Mary arrived quite early on in the meal and having just returned from Goa where I was turned into something of a Bloody Mary Connoisseur, these was ok in comparison.

The following two drinks were quite disappointing. Having ordered them at the start of the meal, the waitress quite obviously forgot to put in the order, either that or she simply forgot to collect them from the Deli once they were made. The disappointment however did not end at the late-coming of the drinks, see below for further comments:

Vanilla Milkshake – £5.00

Rather than the american style über thick milkshakes we have become accustomed to, this was more milk, flavoured with some vanilla pod. Miss N and Mrs M claimed that it was similar to drinking milk minus the shake! Even after sending it back, we were returned milk topped with froth. Not impressed.

Smoothie – £5.00

This was somewhat better, although Mrs D did say that her home-made stuff tastes better!


Crisp Vanilla Belgian Waffle with Caramelised Apples, Cinnamon Cream and Maple Syrup – £8.00

Crisp Vanilla Belgian Waffle with Caramelised Apples, Cinnamon Cream and Maple Syrup

 At the time I remember taking a bite of the waffle and ‘thinking hmm, this tastes a little burnt’. However having rechecked the description of the dish, I can now comment that they obviously meant for it to taste crispy! The best bit of the dessert was the Cinnamon cream, but I could be considered to be biased given that I like both cream and cinnamon!

Overall opinion, not bad. Would I return? Possibly not.

Miss Digressive xxx

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2 thoughts on “Review: Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen, Somerset House

  1. Dear Miss Digressive

    As an avid follower of your blog I’m ashamed that your food selection is based on calories. Food should be enjoyed with no thought spared towards calorific consequences.

    Perhaps baking a coffee and walnut or other type of cake and sharing the experience (and I mean actual tasting) with your certain readers would somehow rectify the situation.

    Yours truly dishearten,


  2. Def wouldnt return 😦 although the ceaser salad was pretty good…considering most things taste fishy to me these days, their dressing was great! But if i’m craving milkshake, i’ll “shake” my way all the way to brent cross 😉

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