Review: Flat Planet

I write this as I devour my yummy El Diablo flat bread I just picked up to satisfy my lunch craving, if that’s not considered to be ‘Hot off the press’, I don’t quite know what is!

Ive driven past this little place many times and its almost always been late at night, however since starting a new job on Wednesday located at Oxford Circus, I have a feeling it will almost certainly have a knock on effect on my ability to blog. For starters WordPress is not blocked from the system, which means I can put my lunch time to good use and to top it off, I am surrounded by so many great lunch joints, I no longer have to spend all of my hard earned cash on Pret!

So Flat planet. Its a small outlet on Great Marlborough Street, just round the corner from uber trendy Carnaby Street. There’s place to sit at the back, a fairly significant amount of it and apparently there’s also a lounge downstairs. To top it off as a perfect lunch stop, the service is super quick.

Flat Planet

So heres the concept: You choose your flat bread/salad and then a choice of drinks including juices (fresh lemonade, rasberry and tukish rose etc), tea’s (english breakfast, bombay chai, ginger twise) or a selection of coffee’s etc. The clever waiter’s put your chosen flat bread under the pizza grill looking doodah (yes that is a technical term) and about 60 seconds later, you have your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I chose the El Diablo. This consists of  ‘expensive chorizo’ (apparently the best kind), smoked chilli, home made garlic sauce, sun dried tomato, rose harissa, home made chilli sauce and parmesan, then topped with Rocket.

Brown Take Away Box

As you can see from the picture above, it comes in an environmentally friendly brown box which is quite obviously bio degradable, inkeeping with the overall organicness of the cafe.

You then open the box and find a rather yummy flat bread. Whilst this was only my first visit to Flat Planet, I can tell Im going to have to go back to try some of the other options. The el Diablo was the perfect mix of heat and spice whilst the rocket on top added a peppery element. I have to say, I was not at all disappointed.

El Diablo

To go with my flat bread, I picked up a rasberry and turkish rose juice which was refreshing with neither of the ingredients being too overpowering. These guys have obviously had alot of experience as they have perfected express food with heaps of flavour.

Rasberry & Turkish Rose Juice

I will most definately be going back so will add to this post when I do, hopefully in a few months (I would have said weeks, but that would just make me greedy) I will have been able to critique all of the options on the menu!

Miss Digressive xxx

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