Exciting Openings – London Part 3

As I’ve expressed before, I love hearing about new places that have opened and places that are in the pipeline when it comes to the London Bar & Restaurant scene. Whilst doing a little research last week, I came across a few new places that would have added some extra bubbles to my champagne cocktail had I been drinking one. So I thought it was time to update my Exciting Opening’s series. For previous posts see: Exciting Openings – London and Exciting Openings – London Part 2.

Dim Sum Diner – 48 Queensway, Bayswater

Having opened last weekend, Dim Sum Diner (see review) is said to be an american diner themed restaurant, serving fresh dim sum and classic asian dishes as well as diner favourites. Sound little odd? Id say more original! I had a look at the menu and they seem to serve all the regular steamed dim sum options (except chung fung – which I know would disappoint one of two of my friends) with the addition of a ‘Guinness Crab Meat Dumpling’ and a good selection of baked/fried dim sum options.

It was, however the ‘Diner Favourites’ that caught my attention on the menu, especially the ‘dim sum hot dogs’. Also serving small plates and a selection of desserts, Dim Sum Diner could just give Ping Pong a run for their money. It’s about time someone took on the all day dim sum favourites!!

The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar – 5 Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia

In November we got the new branch of Dirty Martini, it seems December will bring us ‘The Lucky Pig‘, yey for Christmas!! Based in London’s Fitzrovia, the bar has been designed around old New York with wooden floors, a mishmash of furniture and plush upholstery. This one’s going to be good, I can feel it in my bones!!

Bincho EC1 55 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell

For a reason unbeknown to me, not many people are aware of Bincho, that I know of anyway. The Old Compton Street restaurant serving traditional Japanese Yakitori became a firm favourite of mine when a friend booked it for a dinner during the last world cup. It was the first time I was served sake out of a wooden box (apparently the traditional method) and I fell in love with the cinnamon ice cream. Anyway it’s always been a mystery to me why this concept hadn’t spread like wild-fire and it seems the owner have finally answered my silent prayers.

Bincho EC1 is set to be the sleeker older sister to the Soho site serving the grilled skewers as well a range of new dishes, keep an eye out as it’s due to open at some point in November.

Flute Champagne Bar – 4 Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus

I’m totally psyched about all of the new additions to the London drinking scene, not that I’m a big drinker but I do like checking out new places. I know my brother-in-law will be excited by the prospect of this one! Opening this December we’ve got Flute Champagne Bar setting a very large foot (2000 sq ft to be precise) in London’s Oxford Circus. With successful branches in both New York and Paris, the fizz-focused lounge bar will offer 100 sparkling wines and champagnes, available by the bottle and glass. Flute will also feature a spring roll bar serving a selection of 20 varieties. If Champagne and Spring rolls are up your street, check out Flute next month!

Until next time, over and out!

Miss Digressive xxx

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