Review: Monkey & Me

My best friend introduced me to this little gem a few months ago. Knowing I’m a food blogger who hasn’t blogged in some time, I was told it was the perfect place to blog about because there’s hardly any reviews about it on the internet.

Walking down Gloucester Place and taking a left onto Crawford Street, this double fronted, glazed neighbourhood restaurant is simply yet tastefully decorated, with white walls, dimmed lighting and scattered tables. It’s intimacy with a friendly atmosphere and this was clearly noticeable by the mix of couples and friendship groups dining on each of my trips.

Although I’m not too sure about the background of the owners, the picture on the website suggests the staff are very close and the service was most definitely on the mark.

As already stated, I have been to this restaurant not once, not twice but three times in the space of 6 weeks. The main reason for going back again and again?? Well the food is great! Especially the Konam Jeeb – pork and prawn dumplings that come in a delicious sweet soy based sauce; the Sai Oaw – grilled homemade spicy herb Thai pork sausages which even appealed to my friend despite not being a fan of lemon grass; OMG and the coconut rice…amazing!

On my various trips I’ve tasted quite a bit of this menu and I must say, I haven’t been disappointed. I loved the pad Thai, the beef salad and curries to name just a few.

My heart has been in the hands of Busaba for a number of years now so I don’t feel sad at all to say that Monkey & Me is my current favourite Thai restaurant. Not only is the food fantastic, the drinks are extremely reasonable too! Give it a go, but keep it mind, last orders are at 10.30pm and they close at 11.00 sharp – to the extent that all of the staff sit around the table waiting for you to ask for the bill and leave – even on a Saturday!!

Miss Digressive xxx

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