Aqua Infinity Brunch

So I thought it would only be fair to fill my lovely readers in on a little something I heard about today…

It would seem that the Friday night favourite Aqua have recently launched what they’re calling the Infinity Brunch.

Aqua Nueva

The concept is simple..dine at Aqua on a Sunday between 12pm and 3pm and not only do you get limitless all you can eat Spanish Tapas but you get to wash it down with limitless all you can drink Louis Roederer Champagne – all for £65!

Ok so £65 may sound a bit much, but you get to dine at über chic Aqua for equivalent of 5 cocktails each but you get drinks as well as food…sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Besides, the Infinity Brunch would be a celebratory affair and what better when celebrating than copious amounts of food and champagne Darrrrling!

Plus for those who have previously dined at this calibre of restaurant, £65 per person is something of a bargain, especially when there’s no limit to the amount of food and champagne. So next time you’ve got a date and truely want to impress..or fancy splashing out on someone a little bit special or maybe if your simply organising a SATC style girls brunch, why not consider Aqua’s Infinity Brunch!

Miss Digressive xxx


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