Fashion for Sport

Last Sunday my cousin came over for an impromptu lunch, during which I set about icing the coffee cake I had just baked with freshly whipped cream. After eating lunch, we devoured a piece each.

The conversation quickly moved to loosing weight. As I’ve booked my holiday, I feel the need to shed a few pounds (only to put it back on whilst away) and my cousin gave me a few pointers based on how she’d lost her baby weight. Anyway, as she left my house, she told me to hit the gym. Lucky for her, I was in the mood to pay attention and actually listened.

I’ve been to the gym 4 times this week and am feeling a little smug about my newly found pass time. For some reason the aches and pains coupled with the dripping (or drizzling in my case) of sweat felt after a work out session is quite refreshing and actually adds to the feeling of achievement.

Unfortunately the shopaholic in me has suddenly kicked in.

To be fashionable on a daily basis is one thing, but in order to form a routine and want to stick to it, it’s most definitely important to feel comfortable yet trendy (apologies for my choice of word) during a work out. Surely if your already having issues with the way you look, ill-fitting track suit bottoms and overly baggy tops will only add to those issues when having to don them for a workout.

So I did a little research found that a lot of the high street shops do some kind of take on gym wear. ASOS for example have a large selection of really fashionable gym stuff, as do H & M at really reasonable prices and Marks and Spencer’s too. From my own experience, I find leggings are sometimes a little clingy and can sometimes be uncomfortable as the sweat levels increase, fitted vests are great because you don’t feel like your drowning in material and a good sports bra is a must.

Here are a few of my favourites:

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So I’m gonna hold out a little longer, hopefully I’ll continue with this gym stuff, then I’m gonna hit the shops and restock on the gym wear! Who said exercising couldn’t be you have no excuse!!

Miss Digressive xxx

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