Summer Hats

Having just booked my summer holiday, I am eagerly awaiting 4 days of sun, sea and sand. Ok whilst 4 days may not seem like long, it is still long enough to justify purchasing a capsule wardrobe – just because! So whilst out shopping yesterday, I couldn´t help but notice the number of summer hats on sale. I´m not sure if they are particularly en vogue this year or whether they have always been freely available in the run up to summer, but here are a few of my favourites.

The Trilby

These have been around for sometime and are somewhat the most wearable of the bunch. They have an almost retro look and rightly so given that they were once associated with the likes of Frank Sinatra and other Jazz artists. They can be worn as an everyday hat to add a funky twist to a regular outfit. They come in various styles, made from straw, canvas or otherwise with the addition of corsage’s, printed or plain ribbon.

Boater Hats

Traditionally known to be a ´warm-weather´hat, boater hats are quintessentially British having previously been associated with punting. All of the varieties i´ve seen this season are mainly quite traditional, made of straw with black ribbon, however some have been prettied up with the addition of floral ribbon.

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Panama Straw Hats (Floppy Hats)

As the name suggests, these are generally quite floppy hats. Available in several different materials, I´m partial to the straw and felt varieties.  I associate them with sun bathing as they serve the purpose of protecting your face from the sun. But in the current styles they are also über stylish and are definitely my favourite sort of hat as they also add an element of glam to an otherwise boring swimming costume!

With so many choices, there’s no excuse for not picking one that takes your fancy. So off you go and find that piece of headgear and wear it with pride knowing that you’ve added a little bit of this season to your look!

Miss Digressive xxx

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