Trend Alert: Floral

With the weather getting slightly warmer (only slightly) and the days getting slightly longer, I’m totally excited to welcome Spring and await the joys of Summer. This winter has been far too cold and I am slowly reaching my tether with regard to the layering up. I’m also sick and tired of thinking up ways to put together enough layers so that I’m warm whilst waiting for the bus, but cool when I reach the Furness that is work!

Anyhow here’s my the first instalment of my Spring/Summer 2011 Trend report!

Those who know me, know that floral is constantly in full bloom with regard to my little world. I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember and like many,  a vast majority of my summer wardrobe contains floral in some way, shape or form. Therefore its no surprise that it was love at first sight when I saw the floral items on the catwalk.

Whilst floral this time round is possibly more varied than ever, it has the added advantage of there being something for everyone. For instance, D & G have gone for the bold, bright flowers, which slightly reminds me of the floral sofa’s we once owned, but set on a crisp white back drop is exactly what summer is about!

Other designers have made the floral trend more classic and classy. For instance, I love the black Carolina Herrera number, which encompasses floral in a more oriental fashion and looks so elegant, showing that floral is just as much for evening wear as it is for daytime.

Valentino also did a fab job with the lace and floral creation above, which is can only really be described as muted opulence with the use of gold and green.

Having established the fact that there is a vast selection of  floral to choose from and more to come, here are the key points to remember when wearing this trend:

  • If your tall or curvy, avoid smaller flowers.
  • If your Petite, avoid larger prints
  • If your new to floral or find it far too daunting to go all out, try pairing floral prints with neutral colours to give a more subtle effect.
  • You don’t have to go full on, girlie floral, this season’s floral trend encompasses everything from more neutral, dulled down flowers to more brighter styles.

Miss Digressive xxx

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