Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

So I totally apologise for my slackness in blogging over the last few weeks, but as a dear friend put it when he was indisposed and missed my television debut – ‘December’s a busy month’ – believe me, I haven’t let him live that comment down!!

To be fair, it has been a busy old month, with family members flying through London on their way to far more interesting places, having to vacate my bedroom twice, finding time to consume a years supply of gingerbread lattes, wrapping presents at every spare moment and having to convince my 6 year old niece that Santa does actually exist after her 7 year old friend told her he doesn’t!! (I used http://www.noradsanta.org and by the time I slept, I was convinced he exists too!!)

Now the house is neat and tidy, the roast is in the oven and having done my fair share of peeling and cutting this morning , I am off to get jolly. First things first, my festive frozen cocktail, I did a ‘test run’ yesterday and turned it into cocktail hour because they were so yummy, here’s how:

  • 1 bag/box of frozen fruit
  • 4 single shots of Bacardi
  • 2 single shots of Malibu
  • Sugar Syrup (made up of 4 tsp’s sugar and about the same of boiling water – mix until the sugar is dissolved)
  • Orange juice
  • Water

– Blitz the fruit in a food processor with the alcohol and add a splash of orange juice to loosen the mixture.

– If the mixture is still too thick, add some water. – Easy!

Miss Digressive xxx

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