Exciting Openings: Watatsumi

Out of the blue, last week I received an email about a Japanese Bar/Restaurant that had just opened at the Club Quarters Hotel near Trafalgar Square. Yes I know it’s totally wrong of me to have left it a whole week before updating my reading public..but the saying better late than never comes to mind!

Just to prove I did read the email, Watatsumi (names after a mythological Japanese sea-god) promises to introduce London to a new side of Japanese Cuisine. The executive chef is Nobu-trained and moved to Buddha Bar upon its opening whilst the GM was also the assistant GM at Buddha Bar.

Although I am yet to visit, as a long-standing fan, still mourning the death of Buddha Bar London, if this enterprise offers  even a partial likeness to the general atmosphere of Buddha Bar, I’m more than sure it will be a big hit. Afterall London needs more bar/restaurants offering ease of entry with a good calibre of clientele, hit these points on the head and there’s no doubt Watatsumi could become the next Aqua, Nobu or Cacoon.

Miss Digressive xxx

2 thoughts on “Exciting Openings: Watatsumi

  1. I am excited to try Watasumi during my next visit to London. I LOVED Buddha Bar and was saddened by its unfortunate closure last spring. I think Watatsumi will be a huge hit if done correctly.

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