Pins & Needles

Having complained non stop to anyone who was willing to listen about how tense my neck and shoulders have been recently, someone finally took pity on me and as one of my birthday presents, I received a massage and acupuncture session at a rather swanky Knightsbridge location.

I know, I know, acupuncture. The idea of having needles practically stabbed into various pressure points along my back is totally terrifying and whilst on my way to my session, I did on various occasions wonder what exactly Id got myself in to and how terribly mean my friend was for making me go through with it. I mean why would you book an acupuncture session for someone who at 20 something still needs to hold her father’s hand during an injection???

Anyway I got to my session 15 minutes early and was given a declaration form to sign. Obviously still very nervous about what was going to happen, I read through the declaration form and was even more terrified when i read that some people may react to the needles causing swelling. For some really odd reason, I signed the declaration form, but only after calling my friend and practically shouting down the phone and then having to be calmed down and told that they are simply covering their back and that it is highly unlikely that I would have such a reaction.

After all that fiasco, I was taken into a very peaceful room where I was seated on the most relaxing chair, sipping hot jasmine tea whilst listening to calming music. Enter my therapist. I was asked about my aches and pains and was made to lie face down on the massage table. Following a brief massage, the acupuncture began.

To my surprise, short needles were lightly tapped into my skin causing absolutely no pain at all. Sometimes described as similar to a pin prick, in my opinion, a pin prick would hurt more than these needles did. After a decent number of needles were hanging from my skin, I was left in the room with heat being applied via an electric heater for 20 odd minutes.

As calming as it was with the music, the heat and the needles, screams coming from outside were sending all sorts of random thoughts through my head. At one point I even considered there could be a mass shooting going on in the adjacent salon!! After convincing myself I was just hearing things and it must be the needles having an effect on me, my therapist came back to remove the needles and give me another quick massage.

Turns out in her opinion, for chronic stress Id need more than one session, maybe 2 or 3 per week for a few weeks followed by 1 a week thereafter. With all the craziness and thoughts rushing through my head when the needles were inserted, I wanted to tell the lady she was mad if she thought Id sign up for sessions so quickly.

I left feeling slightly more relaxed and most definitely sleepy. Would I recommend it? Why not, acupuncture isn’t at all as scary as I thought it would be…give it a go! Would I try it again? Most probably…hopefully I wont have the same thoughts running through my head though so I can actually catch a quick nap during the session!

Miss Digressive xxx

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