LBS – The Little Black Skirt

Now that the clocks have gone back, winter has well and truly set in. But with the winter comes Christmas and whilst the excitement that overcame me when I was a kid is no more, the festive joy is still very evident albeit alcohol infused.

Sadly unlike my younger days, there  is now the added stress of what to wear to all the festive occasions. With everything from work Christmas do’s, to family Christmas lunches to Christmas sale shopping and of course New Years Eve, the festive wardrobe is becoming just as important as the birthday outfit and a lot of the time just as stressful to put

together…until now.

Let me introduce you to my trusty little friend, the jersey tube skirt. These wonderful little pieces can be picked up fairly cheaply (I got mine from H&M for £3.99) and when put together with different tops, can look smart enough to take you from work to after work drinks, casual enough to wear sale shopping but super easy to take
off when having to try on dresses at the Topshop sale and can even pass for a little black dress when put together with a black top.

Now I by no means have the best figure, but somehow my little friend makes my legs look fab (in my opinion) and has expanded my dress collection ten fold.

The key is to match the LBS (Little black skirt) with tops that suit you:

– Match it with an oversized top worn on top of the skirt which will cover the lumps and bumps but accentuate your legs.

– Tuck a baggy top in and pull it out a little to create curves.

– Wear it with a body.

So go on and make my little friend your new best friend!

Miss Digressive xxx

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