Review: Tsunami Restaurant, London

So I finally made it to Tsunami on Charlotte street for dinner, funnily enough in the same week the second Tsunami since 2004 hit the coast of Indonesia. Lucky for me, (god bless those people) had a rather good 20% off the a la carte menu and after Sake No Hana (meanies!!) were booked out, Tsunami was a close second choice!

After meeting my dinner date at Tottenham Court Road station (despite Goodge Street being so much closer) on what can only be described as a miserable winter day, we walked from one end of Charlotte Street (the wrong end) to Tsunami and entered 15 minutes late. We were greeted by a friendly waitress who took our jackets and seated us with copies of the menu to dwell over whilst we took in our white surroundings.

To be fair we had quite an early booking on this particular evening and I must say, the outcome was extremely attentive servers. After dwelling over the menu for a little while, we finally decided on our order.

Being the type of person that I am, I always have more issues deciding on what to drink than eat and today was no exception. I finally settled on a Very Berry Mojito and my dining partner got the ‘DontSayBonsei’ – purely because of  the name! We ordered our food and waited to satisfy our hunger pains that we were suddenly very aware of.  

The drinks came first. The Mojito was perfectly sweet and was actually very well made. As for the Bonsei number, it was also very well made and to be fair, if I hadn’t known otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue that it was in fact a ‘mocktail’ (a cocktail minus the alcohol). However I am generally attracted to passionfruit based drinks so there’s no surprise there!

The drinks were very closely followed by the miso soup. I am the biggest sucker for miso soup but this miso soup I have to admit was very very good. How can miso soup be different from one place to another? God only knows..all I know was the miso soup as Tsunami was extremely yummy and totally satisfied my miso craving on a winter’s day! 

The next  dishes to come were the two salads.

The Sashimi Salad: Again when in a japanese restaurant with sashimi salad on the menu, I am generally attracted to it. So I gave it a go and yes the dressing had a nice flavour and coupled with the leaves made for a nice salad; but, the tuna and salmon pieces in my opinion were slightly large and the salmon was in fact slightly cooked. From my knowledge, sashimi refers to raw fish and cooked salmon would seem wrongly placed in a sashimi salad. 

The Beef Tataki Salad: I have to say, this salad had a wonderful flavoured dressing and the beef was extremely soft making for a well-rounded salad. My only criticism was that the pieces of beef could have been 1) thinner and 2) smaller. But I would definitely recommend this dish!  

The lamb cutlet came next. These were two very small pieces of lamb that looked a little like chicken ‘lollipops’ (given the handy piece of foil wrapped around the end) but tasted totally different. They were extremely tender and flavoursome, but in the opinion of my dinner date..they were ‘nothing out of the ordinary’. (Although I secretly think I may find myself craving them at some point in the future!)

Ah yes, the sushi came next. I’d like to think I am a bit of a sushi fanatic, although my obsession seems to come in waves and on this particular day, I wasnt totally mad about sushi, or maybe that should read I wasnt mad about this sushi.

We ordered 3 types of sushi. The salmon roll, the spicy tuna roll and the dragon roll. The salmon roll was definitely not anything to rave about, in fact both myself and my dining companion felt that the salmon was not as fresh as it could have been. The spicy tuna roll again, was nothing special.

Now the dragon roll…it was described on the menu as ‘shrimp tempura wrapped in eel, avocado, cucumber and scallion’ and to be perfectly honest, I was slightly dubious. However, I was totally wrong in questioning the dragon roll and was pleasantly surprised to find a very yummy piece of sushi explode in my mouth. The eel was extremely flavoursome, possibly grilled in a teriyaki sauce (or so it tasted) and wrapped around the tempura roll. This is definitely one I would recommend.

So overall, I wasn’t totally impressed by the meal. Although I think in order to gain a better opinion, I would need to go back and try some of the mains which included wasabi chicken, wasabi lamb and black cod (mmmm!). For those wishing to eat at Tsunami, I would suggest the lamb cutlets, the dragon roll and the beef salad. Oh yes, before I forget, I must say the glossery at the back of the menu was a rather nice detail! Credit where credit due after all!!

Nb: Make sure you check your bill – we were given the bill for the table next to us!

Miss Digressive xxx

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