My sick laptop :(

So its been a little while since I last posted anything and as lame as it sounds, its been a pretty busy two weeks. I’ve had many thoughts but have failed to put them into words and post anything meaningful (not that any of my posts have much meaning!)

Anyway I sat down at about 5pm on this rather lazy sunday to finally upload some pictures onto Facebook and obviously blog a little, only to find that my laptop appears to be rather ill.

Upon turning my laptop on I was told it could not open windows.. apparently it was trying to fix itself. Twenty long minutes of self diagnosis later the poor thing gave up and sent out a cry for help.  After speaking to a friend I was told that my laptop has most likely suffered a heart attack and that the risks of heart failure are fairly high so I could lose everything.

After 3 very intimate years together I’m in no way ready for my laptop to have a heart attack…I mean we havent even been through and angioplasty or bypass let alone full on heart failure.

As you can tell I am extremely distressed at the thought of possibly losing everything I have shared with my beloved laptop and am hoping that the doctor will be able to bring it back to its former glory without full on amnesia, the last three years have been tough but we’ve made it through and I’m certain we can make it through this hard time!

Miss Digressive xxx 

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