For The Love Of Tanning

Lying by the pool in sunny spain trying to tan for the first time in my (almost) quarter of a century life so far I’m wondering why its so bloody hard to get a tan.

People go away on holiday and come back looking fabulously golden and yet I always come back looking just as pale in asian terms as I was when I left. The worst part is my legs, so I am currently commencing my 4th hour (including my lunch break) of sun worshipping and have only js about turned possible one shade darker. Even then, the fronts of my legs are bordering on 2 shades but parts of the back are still as pale as ever!

This bought me to wondering, is there a proven technique to tanning? Looking around the pool I see people lying on their backs for extended periods then switching to their fronts and repeating the process, except for me this has resulted in one side of my leg being over baked whilst the other side is under-done, so instead I have taken to covering the parts of me I don’t wish to tan with a towel in hope for it to block the sun whist I shift to ensure adequate coverage of the under-done areas of my legs.

Given the mental picture its fairly obvious I’ve given up caring what I look like and am simply doing it for the tan..altho it does get rather heated from under my towel!

Obviously I will be seaching for proven techniques before my next holiday (people seem tho think I’m always away) and will share them hopefully ensuring no one else is forced to blog from under a towel by a pool! But any tips would be more than appreciated!

I shall retreat back under my towel and continue tanning…will update upon my return!

Miss Digressive xxx

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