Mid Year Update

So whilst sitting at my desk procrastinating, I decided to carry out a mathematical calculation to figure out the mid-point of the year, except when you Google ‘how many days there are in a year’, it gives you the rather precise but extremely odd response of:

1 year = 365.242199 days

I’m pretty sure the preciseness of the number is to do with the curvature of the earth or the movement whilst it spins or something highly intelligent that was most probably simplified during a middle school science lesson, but at this moment in time I have no idea and don’t particularly care either.

To be fair I didn’t need to Google the number of days in the year to realise were almost half way through, but to find the exact day I went on to actually add up the number of days in the year between the January and July and then deduct that from the number of days in the year between August and December and although I’ve now managed to confuse myself whilst typing this, I think it’s fairly safe to assume tomorrow (2nd July) is the mid-point of the year (well according to my calculations anyway!

Now that I have the information I required I thought Id look back at the half-year so far an relive some of the occurrences I can actually remember (obviously the ones I can’t have no relevance!)

First and foremost, England was knocked out of the World Cup. After four years of hype and just 4 matches, they were practically battered and hung out to dry by one of their biggest rivals. It’s amazing how England unites for football, sitting in an Indian restaurant on Sunday some tables containing as much as 4 generations from one family, the eldest once being an immigrant, it was amazing to see how all 4 generations were cheering for the country that in some respects has given them all so much. I guess now their out the country will go back to normal and only the true football fans will continue to watch the world cup (I hope) whilst the rest will simply move onto the tennis!

Isner v Mahut. I am in no way a tennis fan, in fact I’m not majorly big on any kind of sport, but I did find it a bit strange when the majority of my Facebook contacts had status updates based on these two. I had no clue what it was about but then im pretty ignorant when it comes to tennis. I eventually found out that the hype was that  these two had broken the record of the longest match lasting 11 hours and 5 minutes over three days, lasting so long it was suspended because of darkness – two nights in a row!

To my knowledge there have been 4 Earthquakes – Haiti, Chili, Yushu & Southern Mexico although as were nearing the extremely topical 2012 when it has been predicted that the world might end, all of these natural disasters seem to be stirring the pot a little.

Talking about natural disasters, in the world of 2010, when once upon a time people thought robots would take over the world, thousands of people were left stranded by the Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. Many European airports were left closed with passengers running out of money, missing work and simply wanting to go home. It’s amazing how without realising, we rely so much on air travel as a means to explore the world, yet the eruption of one volcano can cause so much havoc. In the follow-up, there was a lot of talk of how many other volcanoes could start erupting, the ‘super volcanoes’ being the hot topic.


As with every year, there have been numerous celebrity affairs, separations and divorces. Tiger Woods shocked the world when news broke that he’d knocked one too many balls around during his multiple affairs, Cheryl and Ashley Cole finally filed for a divorce (thank god!), Jordan got remarried (in Vegas) and declared that she wanted to be pregnant by the end of the year (oh joy!),  Sandra Bullock got her first Oscar, then found out her husband had had numerous affairs to name just a few!!!!

Sex and the City 4 released, enough said.

Shock revelation that the apple of many late 90’s teenagers eyes Ricky Martin is actually ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ on the wrong (or right for him) side of the fence and most definitely swinging the other way. At this point I have nothing more to say, I am still in shock!

The UK had its first Hung Parliament in approx 30 years and is currently being led by the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. Personally I’m not a happy bunny, for starters for those who watched the debates, how can you take someone who matches their tie to the colour of their political party, seriously???

This list is not at all exhaustive, it is but a few of the crazy things that have happened this year (that I can  remember) and may be subject to additions if anything more happens. But for now, that is in a nutshell the first 6 months of 2010, obviously more successful and enjoyable for some than for others!

Happy 6 Month/Half Year Anniversary! Here’s to an even better second half to the year!

Miss Digressive xxx

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