Dont Tell The Bride

I don’t know if anyone has watched the program ‘Dont Tell The Bride’ before but I was watching it last week and ok I too was slightly worried for the bride when the groom picked her wedding dress in all of 15 mins after walking into just one shop, but at the same time, the bride was so worried that she cried the whole way to the wedding dress shop (because she was worried she wouldn’t like the dress or even worse it wouldn’t fit), then cried more when she saw the shop he’d got her dress from (because she claimed they don’t have her kind of dressed) and cried more until she saw the dress, then when she saw the dress she cried because she was happy that he’d picked her a dress she maybe wouldn’t have chosen but she loved anyway.

But no, that wasnt the end of the crying, she then went to her church to see if she could get anything out of the Priest about whether the guy had managed to organise the wedding at the church and then cried more when the Priest didn’t mention anything about it being there when she stated the date that had been set. To top it off she cried when she got to the church on the day because she was so happy to be getting married in her church and then she cried as she walked down the aisle! 

Given the amount she cried, it’s as if she was almost forced into going on the program, but surely she had some sort of choice in it. In the end the groom came through for her, kinda sad that she didn’t trust him enough to make all the right choices but I guess it’s easier said than done!

So after last week, obviously I’m tuned in now watching this weeks episode and so far in terms of the entertainment value, it’s surely ticking all the boxes…I am currently in shock as this groom is using the Aston Villa colours as his theme and wants to get married in the Stadium even though he knows the bride will go absolutely mad! How could you start a marriage knowing that the bride will go nuts. To be fair if it was me on the program, I would have dropped so many hints and passed countless remarks about what would happen if I didn’t get the wedding I wanted, but then again with asian weddings being so many occasions, I think most guys are happy for the girl to take over the majority of the organising!

At this point I don’t see this guy having any chance of getting anything right, for starters he’s got his brother egging on the whole Aston Villa theme and on the other hand the bride is as indecisive so I shall await and see what the outcome is. The one thing you learn from programs like this is you really have to trust the guy if your gonna give him that much responsibility and if that doesn’t fail, I guess its hints galore, the more obvious the better!!!!

Miss Digressive xxx

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