It is a common misconception to categorise a female who shops regularly as a shopaholic. I am told that I shop too much and am constantly having to justify my purchases to friends and family who think I have some kind of problem. To be fair I do shop quite regularly, but my comeback is always that I don’t spend a huge amount on the items that I purchase, in fact I could be described as a disposable shopper, even though I have an issue getting rid of my clothes – maybe im not so disposable after all. For some reason people can’t seem to understand that shopping is a way to overcome boredom rather than the need to purchase clothing.

Yes I know I should try to find some other hobbies, but nothing seems to provide me with that feeling you get when you’re going out on a Saturday night and you don’t need to think about what your going to wear because you just happened to have picked up the perfect outfit when you were out shopping although the majority of times the purchase was unintentional and it just so happened to be the perfect outfit!!

My logic is, during the downturn in the economy, my weekly shopping helped keep retailers afloat, okie okie not just my shopping, I don’t shop that much, but the fact that (athough not proven) women shop more than men obviously means that all of those companies that managed to keep running through the economic downturn only managed it because of woman. I guess they were right when they said behind every successful man, there’s a woman!!!

Miss Digressive xx

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