Its All About The Free Stuff!

Those of you who don’t work in Central London, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham or fail to visit on a Wednesday may not be aware of one of the best free magazines available. I stumbled across it a mere three weeks ago when it was flung my way as I was walking out of Oxford Circus tube station on a rare visit into town on a Wednesday (having chosen to skip my weekly gym session). I was an instant fan, especially when I read the next issue would feature interviews with the SATC girls…I just had to get my hands on it.

After googling the name, I found out the magazine has been available since OCTOBER 2009…yes thats right…OCTOBER!! I couldn’t believe Id been missing out!! It’s not a particularly beefy magazine, but the content is definitely on par with the likes of Grazia featuring mostly high-end items, although is still great at educating us mere mortals to spot high end replicas on the high street!!

For those who are interested..the wonderful magazine I am referring to is ‘Stylist‘ – I was über excited to find out it is available in full online from their website which is updated on a weekly basis. I must admit it has now become a regular lunchtime read!!

Miss Digressive xx

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