Hello world!

So after much deliberation, I was finally convinced to set up a blog. For some reason I seem to have become the ‘Go-To girl’ for all things London. Where to eat, where to drink, whats on…admittedly I spend a fair amount of my spare time catching up on the most recent resaurant openings, bars, whats going on (I even found a really cool birthday option which I am yet to try out) so its no wonder Ive always got something to add to the pot when people are planning birthdays, dinners or just nights out. I thought it was about time that I impart my knowledge on the rest of you guys. If it goes well, I reckon my blog could be as much a go to place on the net as I am in the real world. And if not…I hope to atleast entertain with my random thoughts, interesting findings and general ramblings!

Stay Tuned.

Miss Digressive xx

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